Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Web Site Traffic Does Not Equal Success

What Do Web Sites and Cruising Town Have in Common?

Sounds like the beginning to joke right? But they are actually related because they both deal with "traffic" and "making money".

Having a web site that chews up bandwidth might seem like a great accomplishment on the surface, but does cruising the square endlessly ever get you to a destination? You get the idea. Many cars cruising the downtown square causes traffic and may even get people excited, but how do they continue to fuel the cars? Not by cruising more. In fact, that could result in no more cruising period.

Now lets say you are a taxi driver that cruises the square to pick people up and get them to a destination. Aha! Now you can actually make more money the more you cruise town. Provided that there are individuals that want and need your taxi service in that particular spot.

And so it goes with web site traffic unless the "driving" results in payment of some sort, then it is just a waste of fuel.

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