Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Web Site List by Subject

Grouped List of Web Sites

In another post, I wrote about helping people get more out of their web sites. In that post I mentioned that I felt like helping people find the right sites was important to making those sites successful and decided that I would provide a list of sites with that purpose in mind.So here is my ongoing list:

Tips on Getting Website Traffic

Getting Website Traffic

 That is the recommended search phrase a major search engine suggested when I typed in "getting we..". What that means is that people are searching for that phrase enough that the search engine thought that might be what I wanted. That got me thinking that often times that is what people think will help their web site do well. In reality though, that is not necessarily the case.

Thinking it Through 

In truth, what people often want from their web site is actually one or more of the following.
  • An Income
  • To Help Others
  • A Sense of Accomplishment
Granted, some people want more than one of those items, but truthfully, if you can monetize the site, then the other two become easier. So what people often focus on is making money with their web site.

Now, if a person wants to make money with a web site, ask yourself "should my goal be to simply get traffic?" and you'll more than likely answer with a "no". So what should the objective be if it is not to just get web traffic? Well, many successful web site owners have found that helping people find what they are looking for is what really ends up getting them the most sales in the end. Why is that the case?

Well, if you ponder the behavior and imagine what actually happens during the overall process, you begin to realize that traffic does not equal success. So more is needed.

Actually, what is needed is a different goal. If all web site owners had the goal of helping site visitors find what they are looking for then ultimately every business would be found by the customer that is searching for that respective business.

So, here is my contribution to that outcome: a list of web sites grouped by subject

Web Site Traffic Does Not Equal Success

What Do Web Sites and Cruising Town Have in Common?

Sounds like the beginning to joke right? But they are actually related because they both deal with "traffic" and "making money".

Having a web site that chews up bandwidth might seem like a great accomplishment on the surface, but does cruising the square endlessly ever get you to a destination? You get the idea. Many cars cruising the downtown square causes traffic and may even get people excited, but how do they continue to fuel the cars? Not by cruising more. In fact, that could result in no more cruising period.

Now lets say you are a taxi driver that cruises the square to pick people up and get them to a destination. Aha! Now you can actually make more money the more you cruise town. Provided that there are individuals that want and need your taxi service in that particular spot.

And so it goes with web site traffic unless the "driving" results in payment of some sort, then it is just a waste of fuel.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Goin Western - A Number of Ways to Do It

How Do You Go Western?

That is the question I asked myself when I sat down to write this post and I came up with a few different answers. A few of which I'll list here:

Listen to Some Classic Western Boot Music

The music you choose is a way to 'go western', whether you like the classics or the newer stuff, either way you'll find songs about cowboy boots and pickup trucks like that one on YouTube to put you in a cowboy state of mind. But that is only one activity that will get you 'goin western'.

Wear the Clothing and Accessorize

The other aspect of 'goin western'  I wanted to mention is how ya dress. That's pert near the most important thing a guy or gal can do to catch that train goin west. And finding the best western wear and accessories shops  could take the average person quite a little chunk of time if it weren't for the folks that put together this handy western products and services business directory. After all, who better to round up a list of western stuff than someone that knows about it and enjoys the products and services themselves.

Thanks for readin' and we'll see ya next time pardner!

Cooking With Style

Liven Up Your Cooking

Everyone can cook something, but those that really enjoy cooking, add a little more personality to the 'mix'. For example, perhaps you remember an episode of The Cosby Show where Cliff is trying to teach Theo what cooking is really all about:

Now most of us probably aren't willing to do a somewhat impersonation of Julia Child to add some 'flare' to our cooking procedure, but just about anyone can add a little style with an apron that not only keeps you tidy, but also says a little bit about the cook. :)