Monday, February 25, 2013

Chandelier Earrings?

Although the description may sound odd to some at first, a 'chandelier' earring describes a style of jewelry that has a certain appearance much like the home fixture with the same name.

Now, I am not a fashion expert, so you can imagine that when I heard the term "chandelier earrings" I was curious as to why they are called that. Describing it in words isn't as easy as using a photo, so that is what I'll do:

As you can see from both images, these earrings have a specific quality that is much like a chandelier in your home. The earrings extend horizontally and feature decorative elements that hang down from the earring.

I came to learn these details while designing a web site for a jewelry 'artisan'. I had no idea what a chandelier earring was when I began working on the site, but as I worked with the site owner on developing the presentation of her product, I learned a bit about the craft, the fashion, and skills needed to create attractive earrings and other jewelry.

So I wondered whether these handmade accessories would compare to those you can buy at a large retailer. I looked into comparing them and found a way for me to do it online.

One major retailer sells the following chandelier style earrings on their website:

And, as you can see, they have many nice earrings from which to choose. Interestingly enough, so does the individual that made these chandelier earrings.

You'll find a variety of styles through both retailers. However in one case, you buy directly from an artist  who enjoys jewelry just like you do.