Friday, August 30, 2013

New E-commerce Site Launched

King's Trail Leather is an online shop for custom handmade leather moccasins. The artisan that makes these diverse styles has been working is this trade for decades and can be found periodically stitching away at the crafts festival presented at Silver Dollar City.

King's Trail Leather offers an array of designs and different styles for men, women, and even kids. Each pair of quality leather moccasins is made by hand and you'll find boots, shoes, and knee highs as well as a variety of hides including suede. Be sure to check them out and browse around.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Is Real Estate Really Picking Up?

Every so often I hear reports on the news of the real estate industry improving. Then I see news articles and information about how interest rates are going up. Those factors make me wonder just how much of an increase in real estate activity there is. And then the next thing you know, there are new real estate firms being started.

That last factor is what made me really start thinking that there might be some truth in what everybody is saying about the real estate industry. Not long ago I was approached by a friend of mine that was looking for someone to build them a web site for real estate. She said that she was starting her own real estate firm and would need somewhere on the Internet to show her listings. I thought  to myself, "is there really that much activity in the real estate industry?" It turns out that there actually is a lot of activity going in the Branson real estate market. I would never have noticed it if I had not taken on my friend's project since it has been a few years since I built a web site for a REALTOR®. But now that I have had to keep up with the market better because of having worked on a Branson real estate site, I see the trends more clearly.

With all the real estate activity in the Branson area, it means that the potential is there for more homes to go on the market. If you have been thinking about selling your property now might be the time to do it according to some experts. However, keep from making any of these home selling mistakes when you go to sell.

So, my unprofessional opinion is yes, it is picking up. That is just what I have concluded from my perspective. But what do I know, I am not a real estate market expert. I am a web developer.